Playing in a wedding band…not just for Christmas, it’s for life!

I’m constantly told how great it must be to play in a band, all that attention and you make some “easy” money playing a few songs. Okay admittedly you do get the odd rock star moment here and there (being flashed by three girls mid solo stands out for me) but all in all “you’re just another brick in the wall”. What few (except fellow musicians) seam to grasp is the effort and commitment it takes to be part of a band….more so a wedding band. I’m not whining honestly…in the current economic climate there are a lot worse off than me…but I did say I’d tell it like it is and so I’m going to make a bold statement…musicians are more committed to the job than 99% of people in other professions.

Here’s why…drum roll…you can’t cancel, not once, not ever, no how! Unlike any other job where you can phone up with man flu and take the day off, you can’t when you play in a wedding band. You won’t last two minutes in the business if you do. In the age of social networking your reputation will be obliterated by one post from a disgruntled bride if you cancel at the last minute…and rightly so, it’s a big day for the couple that have planned it for months.

Now having to be 100% committed to play in a particular place and at a particular time doesn’t sound like a big deal but trust me, such a commitment is unsympathetic to your health, personal and or social life. Let me explain…two days before you’re due to play a wedding you get the flu…tough, you’re booked. You’re mates decide this weekend to go on the lash…tough, you’re booked. Your girlfriend wants to do something this weekend…tough, you’re booked. Your wife goes into labour…tough, you’re booked. Your kid is sick…tough, you’re booked. Your grandparent dies…tough, you’re booked. Your whole family decides to go on holiday…tough, you’re booked. You dislocate your arm during the week…tough, you’re booked. You break your leg skiing…tough, you’re booked. The country grinds to a halt due to bad weather…tough, you’re booked. I just don’t feel like it, I’ve had a shit week and I’m tired…tough, you’re booked.

Doctors postpone surgery’s, flights get cancelled, schools close when its snows, matches are postponed due to water logged pitches, Eminem cancels Slane to go to rehab, Charlie Sheen goes on a bender mid production of Two And A Half Men…for The Elastic Band…show goes on!


The Elastic Band


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