Throw in the kitchen sink…or not

Throw in the kitchen sink…or not

There’s been a growing trend in recent years where couples have halftime entertainment on top of a band and DJ. We’ve seen it all…Irish dancers, Firework displays, Comedians, Impressionists, Magicians, Operatic cooks and the ones that really freak me out…Straw boys…if you’ve ever seen “The Wicker Man” you’ll know where I’m coming from.

Here’s the thing…

a.)    If you are going to have something like that make sure you let the band know in advance if possible…as Roy Keane would say “failure to prepare is worth two in the bush”…huh? (We once had a booked act turn up with a cassette…tape deck job…and then was annoyed when we couldn’t play the tape…my good man we are digital…bazinga!).

b.)    Think long and hard before you invest your hard earned euro in the entertainment icing on the cake. If the meal and speeches can potentially run over it’s going to be a dash to the finish line to fit everything in. One of the acts will have to do less in order to accommodate the others = less value for money for you.

Remember folks it’s not the opening of the Olympics or Live Aid you have to organise…but obviously booking the right band is essential…can’t emphasise that enough…now where can you find the right band….hmmm?


The Elastic Band