Who doesn’t like steak?

Have you ever hosted a dinner party for friends?  You decide to do steak….who doesn’t like steak….it’s easy to make, goes well with chips….who doesn’t like steak….Mary the vegetarian that’s who…bitch! Problem is everyone has their own tastes when it comes to food. You see it on most episodes of ‘Come Dine With Me’…there is always one person who “can’t eat that”.

If music be the food of life then we encounter the same problem…the picky eater from time to time. It’s impossible to keep everyone musically happy all the time at a wedding due to the large cross section of listening tastes. At the next wedding ask everyone around the table to take out their iPhone and compare the top ten playlist of each, you’ll find no two alike…poor Uncle Matty doesn’t even have an iPhone…he’s still rolling with the 51ten…legend Uncle Matty. Over the years we’ve learned to play the percentages game and play what we call the ‘Sunday afternoon radio set’…nothing to extreme, a good general mix, music everyone has heard.

But from time to time you get a picky eater… surprisingly mostly senior in age.

If you are a picky eater, spare a thought for the band…they are doing their best to feed the masses!


The Elastic Band


Everything Bar The Essential

If you are booking a venue for your wedding reception a classic mistake from the bands point of view is to book a venue where the bar is located outside the function room. The Hotel / Castle / Manor House may be a stylish venue….marble staircase in reception, chrome and glass, water features in the garden, view of the lake, Hogwarts décor…. but if the bar is badly located then you are at a disadvantage when it comes to the dancing after the meal. The reason is self evident as soon as the meal is finished…the lads will inevitably head to the bar and hang there most of the night. The ladies are better than the lads in the sense they return faster from the drinking hole, but for most of the night you won’t see the guys till its “Hammer Time”. It becomes a game of two halves from our point of view…the first hour or so, its ladies and OAP’s night on the dance floor…Aunty Mary and Uncle John vs. girl on girl action. Then slowly the cavemen wonder back in to the room…having had a few quick fire Jager bomb rounds between pints…they take to the dance floor in African tribal fashion….then its guy on guy action…not a pretty sight!

Our advice is to pay as much attention to the layout of the function room as you do to the menu. The classic bar to the side or to the back is your best chance of getting a god mix on the floor pre tea and sandwiches.

The Pussy Cat Dolls featuring Katy Perry, Beyonce and Cheryl Cole could be giving it all in the function room…but even they won’t come between a man and his stout!


The Elastic Band